20 Compressed Sponge

21 Ear Tags

Ear Tags

Metal easy fix tags. Easy application by hand no applicator needed. Can be numbered both sides by ink jet or permanent laser mark. 8 characters per side, 5 colours of tag available.

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22 Needle Rack

Needle Rack

Comes with 2 suction rings - needles are held in place with a spring.

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23 Cutting Boards

Barber offer a range of cutting boards in PE 500 Grade or Apex which is a self sealing cutting surface, made from high density, non cellular Rubber Compound. Available in many colours and sizes. Call the office for details.

Cutting Boards

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25 Needlyser

Oxidise needles to prevent needle stick injury and to reduce needle hazardous waste Simply insert needle(16g to 30g) push and twist and the needle is oxidised. The machine operates at 1500deg C leaving a sterile dust within 3 seconds. The remaining stub will no longer require special containers reducing costs. The cartridge will only need emptying after 1000 needles and this dust is safe to dispose of. The machine will pay for itself in a few weeks with savings from hazardous waste collections.


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