A range of feeding tubes for animals.

17 Levins Gastro Intestinal Feeding Tube

Levins Gastro Intestinal Feeding Tube
  • Distal end is coned with 4 lateral eyes.
  • Low friction medical grade pvc reduces the incidence of discharge.
  • Radio opaque line.
  • Proximal end is provided with universal funnel shape connector.
  • Marked at 45,55,65 and 75cm from the tip for accurate placement.
  • Sterile.
Levins Gastro Intestinal Feeding Tube Sizes and Colour
  • Effective length 119cm.
  • Total length 122cm.

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18 Feeding Tube 17FG

Feeding Tube 17FG
  • With 2 eyelets.
  • Length 40mm.
  • OD 5.7mm.
  • ID 4.1mm.

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19 Clamps

  • Cath Clamp is suitable for clamping any catheter or tube made from polymer between 2mm and 8mm diameter.

Key Features

  • Provided with a lock click which is easy to open when needed.
  • Finger grip ensures safe and convenient handling particularly when gloves are wet.
  • Non sterile box of 100.

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