A range of collection products for urine and blood.

15 Urine Collection Bag

Urine Collection Bag
  • With non return valve and bottom outlet.
  • Reinforced outlets allow easy hanging and provide max protection against tearing.
  • Push/pull bottom outlet for easy emptying.
  • Kink resistant tubing.
  • Printed easy to read scale.
  • Sterile.

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16 Central Venous Catheter

Central Venous Catheter
  • Either single lumen, double lumen or triple lumen catheter available.
  • Kits based on the preferred Seldinger technique.
  • Soft tip polyurethane catheter specifically designed to make insertion easy and non traumatic.
  • J tip wire guide with dispenser specifically to prevent perforation and to ensure good torque for firm insertion.
  • Introducer needle.
  • Tissue dilator.
  • Suture wing and clamp fastener.
  • Scalpel.
  • Extension line clamp.
  • Syringe 5ml.
  • Injection site.
  • Hypodermic needle.
  • Needle sponge.


  • Administration of parenteral nutrition.
  • Continuous and intermittent monitoring of central venous pressure.
  • When peripheral venous puncture is not possible.


  • Single Fr5 x 20cm. Double Fr 5 x 8cm, Fr7 x 16cm, Fr7 x 20cm Triple Fr7 x 16cm, Fr7 x 20cm.

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30 Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes and Needles

Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes and Needles
  • Blood collection tubes with clot activator.

Key Featues

  • Tube vol 4.5ml 13 x 75mm. Sold in boxes of 5 racks of 10 pieces (total 50). Shelf life 24 months.
  • Tube vol 9ml, 16 x 100mm. Sold in boxes of 2 racks each with 5 x 10 pieces (100 pieces). Shelf life 18months.
  • Blood collecting needle 18g x 1.5 pink, sterile boxes of 100.
  • Blood collecting needle 18g x 1 pink, sterile boxes of 100.

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19 Clamps

  • Cath Clamp is suitable for clamping any catheter or tube made from polymer between 2mm and 8mm diameter.

Key Features

  • Provided with a lock click which is easy to open when needed.
  • Finger grip ensures safe and convenient handling particularly when gloves are wet.
  • Non sterile box of 100.

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